Patient Preparation for Ultrasound

Upper Abdomen (Gall bladder, pancreas, liver); Renal Arteries Doppler

FAST- Do not eat, drink or smoke for six hours before appointment.

Pelvic(lower abdomen); Pregnancy (obstretic); Renal, Prostate, KUB (kidneys, urinary tract, bladder)

FULL BLADDER is required. Drink one litre of water finishing one hour before appointment. DO NOT EMPTY BLADDER.

All other Ultrasounds

No preparation required

Fees & Payment

We are a private billing practice and payment is required at the time of the examination. Bulk billing applies for Health Care Cardholders, Pensioner Concession Cardholders and DVA Gold Cardholders.

All patients must provide at the time of their appointment:

  1. Medicare Card (or DVA Gold Card if applicable)

  2. Examination Request Form (referral) from their doctor;

  3. Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card if applicable

  • Full payment is required on the day. EFTPOS facilities available. Visa and MasterCard welcome.

  • Medicare Easyclaim is available for electronic on-the-spot claiming of the Medicare rebate. Medicare Card and a Debit Card (with PIN) are required for processing the rebate into a cheque or savings account.

  • All children aged 16 years and under will be bulk billed.